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The Biggest Concern for Benefits Leaders? Inflation.

HAA’s new market research study identifies healthcare benefits trends

The Biggest Concern for Benefits Leaders? Inflation.

Over the last five years, our team has had the benefit of building business coalitions and cultivating advisors, from small businesses to the Fortune 500. So when we set out to better understand trends across a range of topics related to healthcare benefits, we reached out to our network of leaders in HR, employer benefits, and health and wellness to glean those insights.

The result is something we’re proud to share with our community: Health Action Alliance’s Q1 Market Research Study. This quarterly report provides a directional view of key employer healthcare benefits trends across industries and geographies in the U.S. Research conducted is fully blinded, and participant details are anonymized and aggregated.

The report focuses on benefits costs, health and wellness programming, the benefits decision-making process and more, with insights from 25 stakeholders in industries across technology, construction, consulting, hospitality, retail and engineering. The selected employers, ranging from small to large, reflect the employment demographics of the U.S. population.

Read on for a sample of the insights featured in the report. And if you'd like to access the full study, connect with us via email at

Deep Dive on Healthcare Benefits Costs:

QUESTION: “How concerned are you about the following factors affecting future healthcare costs for your organization?”

INSIGHT: Inflation and expensive new drug classes in obesity and rare diseases ranked as top concerns ahead of factors like workplace hazards and exposure, health impacts caused by extreme weather, increases in chronic diseases and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

QUESTION: “Which therapeutic areas do you believe contribute the most to healthcare costs for your organization?”

INSIGHT: Employers identified mental health as the top therapeutic area driving healthcare costs, ahead of cardiovascular, oncology, and reproductive and maternal health.

Health and Wellness Programming:

QUESTION: “Does your organization currently offer health and wellness programs for employees? Which types of health and wellness programs are offered?”

INSIGHT: 80% of employers offer health and wellness programs or are planning to. Fitness and exercise programs and mental health support programs are the most common offerings. Meanwhile, less than one-third offer substance use recovery programs and family and lactation support programs.

Benefits Decision-Making Process:

QUESTION: “What factors weigh most heavily in your decision-making process when selecting or modifying healthcare benefits for your employees?”

INSIGHT: Cost considerations, employee feedback and the competitive benefits landscape were all weighed more heavily than market trends, benchmarks and health outcomes data.

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