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A Message from our Co-Founders: Double Down on Wellness in 2024
January 11, 2024

A Message from our Co-Founders: Double Down on Wellness in 2024

Dear Health Action Alliance community,

As we approach the middle of January and the new year is staunchly underway, we hope you are finding a rhythm and balance to your days. Like many of you, we are feeling energized for the year ahead and have our eyes wide open to the challenges that lay before us.

Recent data lay bare a concerning truth: the physical and mental health of Americans has significantly deteriorated in the wake of the pandemic. A recent survey from Gallup found that 38.4% of U.S. adults are living with obesity, up 6.0 percentage points since 2019. A new high of 13.6% of respondents say they have been diagnosed with diabetes, up 1.1 points since 2019.

Meanwhile, suicide rates have risen by about 30% since 2000. Almost a third of U.S. adults now report symptoms of either depression or anxiety, roughly three times as many as in 2019, and about one in 25 adults has a serious mental illness like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

And, compounding those trends, 62% of U.S. employees now say they are concerned about the impact of climate change on their health — or that they or their family members have already been impacted.

As employers, these trends not only signal a public health crisis but also point to a substantial threat to the productivity and morale of our workforce. Protecting the human capital that powers our economy requires a clear and sustained commitment from us as leaders and advocates for health in the workplace.

The Health Action Alliance is poised to lead this vital charge. We offer insights and best practices to help you create a healthier workplace. And, we build relationships and connections across our employer community to tackle some of our toughest health challenges – from reducing the threat of respiratory infection, to ending the scourge of HIV, to helping you support employees on their path to purpose.

We know there’s still much to do, and we’re excited to grow and deepen this community in the months ahead. We are doubling down on our commitment to each of those programs, and adding new areas of focus, from women’s health to a new coalition aimed at protecting workers from the threats posed by climate change, and more.

In 2024, let us collectively aim to redefine workplace wellness. By leveraging the expertise of the Health Action Alliance and our community of more than 9,000 employers, we can develop and implement effective health initiatives that cater to the comprehensive needs of our employees. Together, we can forge a path toward a healthier, more productive workforce.


Steven Levine and Stephen Massey

Co-Founders, Health Action Alliance

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Did you know?

More than half of adults experience post-holiday blues, according to recent studies conducted by the National Association of Mental Illness. Post-holiday blues often emerge as a common emotional low after the excitement of the holiday season, marked by feelings of sadness or emptiness as everyday routines resume. This period can be challenging for many, as the contrast between the festive cheer and the return to normalcy can evoke a sense of loss or disconnection.

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