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May 16, 2023

Big Brands Take a Stand for Mental Health Action Day

This Thursday, May 18th, marks the third annual Mental Health Action Day – an opportunity for you to transform mental health awareness into action at your workplace. Powered by our partners at MTV, this global movement unites over 1,800 brands and organizations to inspire mental health action in their communities.

This year, Mental Health Action Day is rallying its network behind a simple yet powerful call to action: Take one hour of mental health action for yourselves, your loved ones or your community. 

Why one hour? Asking for one hour is simple, measurable and flexible.

You can mobilize your workforce around an hour of action that works best for your company. Dedicate one hour of consecutive action or promote four 15-minute opportunities for self-care throughout the day. The idea is to make mental health action accessible and attainable for all.

Join the movement and share inspiration with other industry leaders to empower an hour of action on Mental Health Action Day. Here are five ideas for ways your workplace can participate, with examples of how major brands are planning their hour of action:

1. Educate your workforce on the importance of mental health.

You can use Mental Health Action Day to combat stigma by promoting open dialogue and awareness of mental health issues relevant to your workforce. On May 18th, American Eagle Outfitters is kicking off a 3-part webinar series on resilience. The AI company GumGum will be hosting a session to help employees tackle imposter syndrome. 

2. Promote company resources that support mental well-being.

While around 93% of employers offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), only half of employees are aware that they have access to these services. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is tackling this gap with an engaging employee scavenger hunt. Employees can win a gift card to their local sporting goods store by locating key information on their EAP website and answering questions about the service.

3. Schedule a mental health hour (or day).

Companies like Kenneth Cole and Doing Good Works are offering paid time off in recognition of Mental Health Action Day. Planning time off for mental health has a number of benefits including reduced feelings of burnout, improved morale and resilience, reduced isolation and loneliness – and increased productivity. 

4. Foster psychological safety and belonging.

EvolvedMD is empowering managers to foster psychological safety with their direct reports by taking time to connect with a seven question guide.

NeuroMed Research Initiative, LLC is promoting inclusion by launching a new employee resource group (ERG) focused on mental health equity. This group will provide guidance for an inclusive, culturally sensitive framework that promotes employee professional development and cognitive fitness.

5. Inspire self-care, connection and fun.

Tackle the loneliness epidemic by hosting a company-wide social event. At Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, employees are gathering on Thursday for time to color.

Employees at the Paramount Veterans Network & GI Go Fund are invited to a game of mini golf with the veterans - an event held in memory of Lt. Col. Justin Constantine, a Marine Corps veteran who addressed his own mental health struggles by playing golf.

Is your company participating in Mental Health Action Day? Submit your plans here.

Looking for more science-backed ideas to inspire mental health action at your workplace on Thursday and beyond? Check out our Mental Health Action Day 2023 Employer Planning Guide.

[Download the Guide]