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February 23, 2024

Case Study: Meta

Meta’s comprehensive workplace mental health strategy aims to reduce mental health stigma, raise awareness, increase access to services and foster peer-to-peer support.

The Challenge:

As a multi-national company with a diverse workforce, Meta sought to foster connection, community and open up the conversation about mental health.

The Solution:

In 2017, Meta launched its #OpenUp initiative to promote open dialogue on mental health, coping strategies and support. At the heart of this campaign: employees are encouraged to be open and bring their “authentic selves” to work.

Leaders model vulnerability by sharing their own challenges, failures and lessons learned, along with their strategies for coping and success. Managers are trained how to show they care and give employees a chance to express both the challenges they’re facing and what’s working for them. And Meta’s management philosophy embraces learning, allowing employees the opportunity to make mistakes and grow.

In line with Meta’s corporate identity of building connections, employees are encouraged to share stories about their families, personal experiences, struggles and coping mechanisms through the company’s internal communication platform called Workplace. Meta employees also have numerous opportunities to connect through social clubs, employee resource groups and other engagement programs. Meta works with these ERGs and social networks to offer tailored mental health messaging and support.

The Result:

Since its launch, over 200 employees have participated in the #OpenUp initiative, sharing stories representing mental health struggles, successes and resilience. To honor employees’ authentic statements, Meta collaborated with artist Owen Guildersleeve to create a series of inspirational visuals featuring employees’ quotes in a company-wide communications campaign. Meta has recorded high engagement with #OpenUp and other mental health services, and employees are feeling more positively about seeking help.

Key Actions:

  • Company-wide mental health campaign featuring employee stories
  • Leaders modeling authenticity and vulnerability in the workplace
  • Training managers to give empathetic feedback
  • Fostering peer-to-peer support through multiple employee social engagement opportunities
  • Offering up to 25 free  therapy or coaching sessions through Lyra’s therapist-matching service