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February 23, 2024

Case Study: Eventbrite

After Eventbrite created trust and empathy training for leaders, its employees reported a stronger feeling of psychological safety.

The Challenge:

During the pandemic, Eventbrite prioritized finding new and creative ways to deepen employee connection and mitigate employee burnout.

The Solution:

Eventbrite launched its own customized leadership development program with an emphasis on empathy. Leaders are trained in openness and vulnerability, as well as seeking out diverse perspectives—all of which are directly aligned with Eventbrite’s company-wide values. At the day-to-day level, leaders are encouraged to ask team members, “How are you really, really doing?” to get beyond small talk and into support.

To back up that support, Eventbrite offers the mental health platform Modern Health, which connects employees to licensed care within 24 hours. In the spring of 2022, it began offering employees access to two new platforms: Grayce, specifically for caregivers (whether of children, elder parents or others), which connects them with specialists and helps navigate the steps and stresses of the caregiving journey, and Origin for financial wellness, which helps employees tackle stressors like debt and retirement worries.

To relieve stress and encourage work-life balance, Eventbrite takes the first Friday of each month off, with employees encouraged to spend time taking care of themselves or reconnecting with their families. And they have experimented with “no-meetings” blocks, as well as “core sync hours” to lessen video meeting fatigue and work more asynchronously.

The Result:

Eventbrite surveys employees about psychological safety, asking whether people can voice a contrary opinion without fear of negative consequences. With its investments in mental health, Eventbrite has seen its psychological safety score rise 6 points, putting it in the top 25% of tech companies of a similar size. Its well-being index, measured by Modern Health, showed an increase of 30%, putting Eventbrite about 6 points higher than company averages.

Key Actions:

  • Training in empathy for leaders
  • New platforms for support on mental health, caregiver support and financial wellness
  • Company-wide first Fridays of the month off and “no-meetings weeks” to let employees decompress