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January 25, 2023

COVID-19 is Surging Again: Protect your Workplace this Winter

Help Your Employees Stay Healthy

COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are trending up again. 

We’re also in the midst of a severe flu season that has already seen an all-time high in work absences because of childcare problems. Encouraging your employees to get an updated booster shot can help limit the threat of COVID in your business this winter. 

The updated COVID-19 booster offers the best available protection against the Omicron variant, yet only one in six U.S. adults have received the booster. By sharing accurate information with your employees, you’ll help them make more informed decisions about their health.

Below, you’ll find answers to common questions about the updated booster. More information, including sample emails and social media, can be found in our free Employer Toolkit

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Boost Up for Winter Toolkit

Is there a new COVID booster?

The updated COVID-19 booster shot was released on September 1, 2022 and is specially designed to protect against recent Omicron sub variants. It restores the protection of vaccines, even against mild cases, that wanes over time. It is the best protection against COVID-19 and the best way to help employees avoid unplanned PTO over the winter months.

Is the new COVID booster safe?

The updated booster is safe. The process for creating it was similar to the one medical experts use each year to update the flu vaccine. Over 37 million people in the U.S. have now received the updated booster shot.

Is the new COVID booster effective?

The updated boosters cut a person’s risk of COVID-19 illness by roughly half. New data from November 2022 shows that the updated booster cuts the risk of getting COVID by 43% - 56% compared to people who are 8 months or more from their last shot. The updated boosters cut a person’s risk of COVID-19 illness by roughly half. A 50% risk reduction at no cost is an easy win for your company’s health.

Addressing Other Employee Concerns

Employers can help employees understand the benefits of the Omicron Booster Shot by addressing employee questions and concerns with timely communication. In our Boost Up for Winter Toolkit, we provide ready-made templates to help encourage employee vaccination. 

  • Communication Tips & Key Messages
  • Answers to Common Questions
  • Booster Checklist for Employers
  • Sample Email to Employees
  • Sample Social Media Copy & Downloadable Graphics

Increasing uptake of the new booster is the most effective way to maximize protection from COVID-19 and limit its impact on your organization.

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