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Two women in an office enjoying conversation over coffee.
June 27, 2022

Solutions to the Mental Health Challenges Reported by Employers

Stephen Massey

We asked the business leaders who attended our June 16th webinar on “Encouraging Open Conversations About Mental Health in Your Workplace” what challenges they are facing in starting conversations around mental health. The top answers were:

We have resources for each challenge.

Lack of information: Try our Conversation Guide for Managers, with tips for checking in with your teams and leading open, supportive conversations.

Leadership buy-in: Our collection of Tips for Sharing Your Story makes it easy for your company’s leaders to tell their own stories effectively and normalize mental health action.

Employee buy-in: Read our quick case study on Kearney to learn how the global management consulting firm got more than half of its 4,000 employees to participate in generating new ideas to address mental health.

Cost: Head straight to the Benefits, Treatment & Accommodations section of our Workplace Mental Health Playbook for advice on making the most of your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), as well as free or low-cost services.

Want to hear what our experts had to say?

VIDEO: Watch the full event on “Encouraging Open Conversations About Mental Health in Your Workplace.” It includes a powerful, first-person story from Ann Marie Braker, Chief Human Resources Officer at ProAmpac, as well as a primer on the importance of workplace culture from Christina McCarthy, Executive Director of One Mind at Work.

Here are highlights: